And so we begin…

Glad you could make the time to view these pages and join me on an adventure.  My name is Tim Moore and the purpose of this blog is to share my thinking – good and bad, to invite constructive comment and to see where it takes us.

If you looked at the ‘About’ page you will have a rough idea of the ideas so far, but here’s a bit more:

  • Mental health is fragile and we are all prone to struggles.
  • An increasing number of young people – men and women are taking their own lives
  • Older men and women struggle to find meaning in life
  • The Methodist Church has invited me to try something new away from ‘church’
  • Spirituality is important to many people
  • Mindfulness is becoming a very powerful self-help tool for everyone, not just those with a diagnosed illness
  • Everyone and anyone needs to be able to access something that helps us not just survive but thrive.
  • Calmness, peace, spirituality, de-stressing, the search for self and serenity are elements that thousands of people are looking for

As the blog grows you will see how the project grows and how successful or otherwise it is.  It will be a warts and all view of a pioneer project. I will add theological reflections on the work and all of the ups and downs.  So please join me for some fun and hopefully a better idea of what it means to have a meaningful life.

As you will see by the web site I am no ‘Techie’ expert but I am learning!.  I am also no expert in mental health but I am learning.  I am no expert in Mindfulness but…


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