The Weekend

Mindful definition

It’s funny how life goes.  At the beginning of this venture – about 18 months ago when it was a dream and I didn’t know if it would ever happen – I wondered what I might do in those first few weeks.  Would I just be sitting there in some cafe hoping someone would take pity on some lonely person and talk to me or might it be worse that that?

So far it has been full-on with lots of people to see and connections to be made.  This weekend was my first encounter with the Mindfulness Association.  I went to York for my first Mindfulness weekend with them.  I have already completed an 8 week course and this was to begin the long journey on the way to being a Mindfulness teacher and it was…well… interesting…

I chose the Mindfulness Association because they offer a secular course so I was a tad surprised to find the door opened by a Buddhist Nun.  In an age of instant communication where we have to tell everyone what our first thoughts are, I quickly got out my phone, and sent a hurried text to my wife:

‘OMG!!!’  (For those not used to text speak this is ‘Oh My Goodness’ (the Christian alternative to Oh My God).  Before long the room was full with 25 people sitting on all the available chairs and on the floor too.  The Nun explained that it was a secular course but she was who she was – a Buddhist Nun- and happily ran the course from a secular perspective.

Over all it was a good weekend and it reminded me that whatever we project of ourselves to someone else we are all broken to varying degrees; some more than others.


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