So, what do you do?

It’s been three whole weeks since I began and I guess people are wanting to know how things are going.  Well, all I can say, is that we are in for the long haul.  I am discovering that everything to do with Mindfulness/meditation/New Monasticism is a slow, slow process.

As a part of the idea is to begin groups with people who are spiritual seekers (I will describe the strategy later) I thought I’d better get some training in how to do this sort of thing. Well, this course alone takes 12 months – minimum.  The Mindfulness training programme finishes in 2017 and I can’t even get on to the ‘dot be’ (young person’s Mindfulness teacher training course).

Perhaps that’s a part of the learning in all of this.  Don’t rush – even though every fibre of our being demands that we get trained and get going as soon as possible.

However, I thought it would be good share some of what my days entail over the next few blog entries.

Every morning (well, 6 out of 7) begins with 15 minutes of Bible study/reflection. At the moment I’m going through the book of Esther.  Not one mention of God in it anywhere!!!  Then 30 minutes of silent prayer.  Then 45 minutes of meditation.  It takes 2 hours just to get going in the morning.  See what I mean about being slow?  But it is happening.slowcooker_2739447b


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