This week…

I thought an update of a typical week (4 weeks in) would be a good idea, so here’s what I’ve done..

WRAP collage

Apart from reading/networking etc I went on my first WRAP (wellness Recovery Action Planning) session. I will let you have a look at their website but it is a very interesting course and has been proven to help myriad people with their own recovery.  I’m scheduled to do 11 more sessions but will have to miss two of them which will have to be done later if I am to then train to deliver the course.  So far, an excellent session…

Thursday and Friday – a two day course on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) run by the NHS.


NLP is a very powerful tool that aims to understand how people process information.  If you know how people see the world, the idea is to talk to them in a way they receive information.  It’s based on what they call their Meta Model (it’s just jargon…) but if you buy a car from the salesman/woman they will be trained in this.  It is very powerful.  If they know what ‘language’ you speak they can communicate directly to you.  I did the course because it has overlaps with Attachment and Commitment Therapy (a bit more jargon for you).  I tried to go on a NLP course a couple of years ago but I couldn’t afford it (£1600 for two days).  Both this and WRAP cost nothing to us (I can explain, honest).

On Tuesday I did the Happiness Course courtesy of Paul Bridges at The Mission,

Happiness Course

This is run by Livability, a Christian charity (Hurrah I hear you cheer) concerned with mental wellbeing.  At the time I could see its potential but really wasn’t so sure about the content (we did have a couple of ‘interesting’ debates.  But I’ve done some background reading and, yes, I think it will be very useful. I can use this well. All of us who attended are licensed to run this now.

Although we are still in the Blackbird project’s infancy I’m hoping you can see that before too long I will be skilled to run enough wellbeing courses to start rolling them out:

Happiness course

Mindfulness course

WRAP course

and a stress management course (I’m going on one of these at the end of October).

At the end of this month, and every month, I hope to do a ‘Round Up’ which will let you know what I’ve learnt this month.  When you see this…Woodys Roundupy

you will know it’s Round Up time, only it’s Tim’s Round Up and not Woody’s.

Next Up: The Holmfirth Food Festival…


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