The plan for this October

Last month I focussed on Mindfulness and trying to plan into 2016 with Mindfulness courses – more to come later in the year with this.

This month I’m still keeping the Mindfulness plates spinning but it’s time to look a little more closely at spirituality and mental health.  But before I talk about that a little later in the month, may I say something to get us thinking…

Two weeks ago I was at the Hot Rod festival in Lepton – lots of shiny cars and engines.  Last week I was at the Holmfirth Food Festival and MBS fair.  Today I was at the Skipton Puppet Festival.  Were there no children there because they were at football matches, gymkhanas and swimming galas?  Well, no actually.  There were loads of children – and, by the way, lots of money being spent.  I have often said that Sundays are not good days to attract families into church because of the activities the children are involved in.  Well, today I went some way in proving myself wrong.  People will come to something if they are going to get something out of it – and today was fun with a puppet parade and thousands of people turned up.  I have often said that church is hard work and takes much commitment – and indeed it does, yet the puppets today must have taken a long time to make; lots of organisation needed and band practice too.  People are happy to invest if they enjoy and can see the fruit of their labours.  I’m beginning to think that ‘my church isn’t growing because Sunday mornings are busy time for families’ is not valid.  So let’s not fool ourselves into thinking it is – and that means me too!



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