The Mindfulness Course at Lepton Methodist church

Hope Christmas was good for you and that the New Year will be…hmm…exciting? peaceful? successful?…well, whatever, I hope it will prove to be interesting and life-enhancing.

The Mindfulness course for the February at Lepton (Lepton Methodist Church, Ings Way West, Lepton, Huddersfield, HD8 0ES ) is now set and the dates are:

Thursday 25th Feb
Thursday 3rd March
Thursday 10th March
Thursday 17th March
Friday       1st April
Thursday 7th April
Thursday 14th April
Thursday 21st April
Lepton Methodist
We start at 7.30pm and the sessions will last for about 90 mins.  It’s open to anyone who feels they might benefit from going through an 8 week course.  We will have a look at how we think and why we think the way we do.  Most sessions will begin with a meditation and a discussion on how it went and how the home practices were received (yes – we don’t call it homework but we do it at home and when we are out and about too so it’s ‘home practice’.  Sorry if images of school suddenly make you feel uncomfortable and your blood runs cold at the thought of school but by the end of the course I hope you will have developed a way to deal with those yukky thoughts).
If you know someone who might benefit from the course, please ask them to e mail me or get in touch some how.  If there is enough demand I will run an introductory session on Mindfulness so that those who are interested can take a look at it without feeling they have to sign up of course).
The February course is for those people who want to ‘give it a go’ and do the practices.  For those who find it useful we can always carry it on and the group can shape whatever develops so that it so that it benefits them.
The work is going well and I’m starting to think about other courses and the follow-on courses; some sessions to look into who we truly are/might be; some sessions on spirituality and a look at what it means to build a community and develop a rule of life.  If anyone knows of someone who can help with making a website, I’d love to hear from them.

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