It’s all go!

mindfulnessdefn4It’s been a particularly busy period for the project and I’m glad to say that things are moving in the right direction.  Of course, when I say, ‘right’ I mean the way I think it ought to go which doesn’t mean ultimately that I’m correct, just that we are on the track I want it to be on at this time.

Last month I responded to a need that I saw developing amongst schools so I took myself onto a course and added to the skills I already have.  I am now qualified to teach mindfulness not only to 11-18 year olds but also to teach the teachers of 11-18 year olds.  Consequently I am now going into to educational establishments to teach mindfulness on behalf of Huddersfield Methodist Circuit.  Wherever I go and who ever I meet I tell them of the generosity of the Methodists in Huddersfield and releasing me to help release others from powerful and controlling thoughts via mindfulness and they are all aghast with admiration – and so am I!

So now I am running public mindfulness courses – some paid and some for free (for those who can’t afford a course); I am going into places of learning to teach the students and also the staff;  we are just about to begin our first intentional community to explore mindfulness from a Christian perspective as spiritual explorers made up from people who attended the mindfulness course.

We have come along way in a very short space of time.  What happens from here is important as I hope that those who fund the project will be able to see just how different this is to what we are used to in churches and just how close to the Gospel mindfulness can be and bring us.


One thought on “It’s all go!

  1. I went to a talk Tim gave to at Trinity Church in Honley yesterday explaining what Mindfulness is and how it can help people with depression. He is passionate about the subject and this shines through as he speaks. Good Luck with this very worthwhile project Tim

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