Why did I do that?

Do you ever regret the things you agreed to do?  I ask because a while ago I was asked to write a theological article.  My immediate reaction was ‘Yeah, I can do that!  Let me know more later’.  I must have felt good about something that was going on – you know, when anyone can ask you anything and you feel so buoyed that nothing is impossible.  So saying yes was the most natural thing in the world.

Well, now the time is fast approaching and I have to put pen to paper, submit it for scrutiny and wait and see. This does not feel like a good idea at all.  And then I saw on the rota of contributors that Frances Young will publish her article immediately before mine. It’s a good job that the most used phrase in the Bible is ‘Do not fear!’regrets

I have noticed in the mindfulness sessions that how we feel about something greatly affects what we think we can do.  If we feel rubbish, then the world is rubbish.  If we feel good, then the world is good. Our emotions drive how we live our lives.  Yet I have also noticed as a  ‘pioneer’ that almost every day is about doing something that I have not done before. I often have no idea about how I’m going to do it, only that an idea might be a good one so we need to get it done.  It’s a bit like Grommit in the ‘Wrong Trousers’ where he picks up the spare track and lays it frantically in the hope that he can hang on.

So I’m off to lay some tracks, to think hard, to have some fun and put mindfulness to the test!





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