Spirituality group

Last night we held the first mindful meditation/Christian spirituality session.  Truth to tell I was a tad nervous.  Not only had thirteen people gathered in my front room to ‘give it a try’ but I had also trumpeted the Blackbird project at the crowded church meeting last week.  I had put myself on trial!

Some of the potential issues for me were:

  • Will this be ‘enough’ for the people who already go to church?
  • Will this be ‘enough/too much’ for the people who only want mindfulness meditations?
  • Thirteen people are too many for the intimacy and confidentiality I want to encourage.
  • Will the people who wanted to come but couldn’t feel left out and excluded when we meet next month?

There were lots more of these concerns.  Yet none of these seemed to be issues for the people who came.  My reflection is that for those already in church it opened up a whole new road to walk down to discover a totally different perception of God.  For those who wanted meditation alone, it gave them enough of that and more besides (we did two meditations).  And on the issue of the group being too large people said they felt that they knew one another well enough to allow intimacy and confidentiality.  I’m not sure about my last concern but I can only do my best to keep channels open and a space for them to feel connected.

spiritual DNA pic

What did we talk about?  Well, we talked about science and God. We talked about consciousness and epigenetics.  About connectedness – together as a group and to those we love and DNA. We talked about the word LORD, Yahweh, YHWH and Ruah.  Was it ‘highbrow’?  I hope not, but it was down to earth and informative and we went some way to joining the dots of life and breathing a sigh of relief.  A central theme to the 90 minutes was No Judgement – of ourselves or others.  A good start that people seemed to enjoy.


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