Welcome to the Blackbird Project.  What follows is a combination of my thoughts and reflections on a pioneer project initiated by the Huddersfield (Methodist) Circuit.

The aim is to work with partners to see whether we can assist people to access their spirituality and so help mental well-being. At the time of writing we are partners with the NHS and their initiative Spirit in Mind.  I am also working with the Recovery College in Mirfield and will begin a Mindfulness course for them in January 2016.

The hope is to offer stand-alone Mindfulness courses across Huddersfield and then follow-up sessions on de-stressing and ultimately establishing small groups who want to explore spirituality.

Why have we called it The Blackbird Project?

There are a couple of reasons…in the Celtic tradition Kevin (yes, around 500CE Kevin was a popular name!) stands with his arms outstretched praying and as he does a blackbird makes a nest in his arms.  He doesn’t move until the eggs have hatched and the birds flown away.  The importance of stillness and Mindfulness is at the heart of what we do.

The other reason is the Beatles’ song, Blackbird which captures another part of our hopes…

‘…take these broken wings and learn to fly…’

Where are we?

We have no geographical centre but will travel to where people are and begin to form a spiritual community wherever it happens.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. I understand you are running a course in Lepton in September linked with the medical practice, I would like to do the course. I have done mindfulness courses before and found the practice very useful.


    1. Hi Suzanne
      Sorry I didn’t reply through the blog site. I use the website now and I didn’t get the notification that you had left a message.

      You have my e mail address now, timmoore200@gmail.com and Im looking forward to meeting you in September.

      Kind regards

      Tim Moore


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